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Construction Litigation in Pittsburgh: 

Our Pittsburgh construction litigation attorneys have experience both defending and prosecuting construction litigation lawsuits. 

  1. Residential Construction Litigation: could be as simple as repair work or improvement work on a residential home that was either done in an incorrect manner, was not completed, or property damage was caused during the work. 
  2. Commercial Construction Litigation: often involves more complex construction projects but can be as simple as a construction contract between two business entities. A host of legal issues can arise with these types of transactions. 

What is the Pennsylvania Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act? 

The Pennsylvania Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act (“HICPA”) is a statute designed to protect Pennsylvania residential homeowners from unscrupulous contractors. 

HICPA lays out a list of things that contractors performing work on residential homes must do. If a contractor violates HICPA, the contractor could be found liable for such a violation as a violation of HICPA is also an automatic violation of the Pennsylvania Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law. While there are many requirements under HICPA, some of those requirements include but are not limited to: 

  • Failing to register as a home improvement contractor;  
  • Deviate from or disregard plans or specifications in any material respect, without a written change order dated and signed by both the contractor and owner, which contains accompanying price changes for each deviation; 
  • Abandon or fail to perform, without justification, any home improvement contract or project engaged in or undertaken by a contractor. 
  • Demand or receive any payment for a home improvement before the home improvement contract is signed. 

Contracts that fall within the scope of HICPA must comply with strict contractual requirements. If the contractor fails to comply with those requirements, then the contract cannot be enforced against the homeowner. However, the contractor could sue the homeowner on the basis of other legal theories other than breach of contract. To see if you may have a cause of action under HICPA, call one of our Pittsburgh construction attorneys today.

We have experience representing both homeowners and contractors in such matters. 

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